IGETC General Education: Certificate of Achievement

This general education pattern is appropriate for students planning to transfer to a campus in either the University of California or California State University system. In each category, a specific number of units must be completed. A minimum of 34-37 total units is required. All requirements for this Certificate must be met. It is essential that students who want to complete this Certificate see a counselor to acquire the appropriate list of courses and the rules for completing the IGETC requirements.

Program Learning Outcomes

Written Communication & Critical Thinking
(NVC Area D1, NVC Area D3, IGETC Area 1, CSU Area A)

  1. ​​Create and communicate thoughts, ideas, and information effectively.
  2. Read and interpret college-level texts.
  3. Conduct research and obtain information from reliable sources.

Physical and Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning
(NVC Area A, IGETC Area 5, CSU Area B1 and B2 NVC Area D2, IGETC Area 2, CSU Area B4)

  1. Apply scientific principles to measure and observe the physical world.
  2. Understand the relationship between human behavior and the physical environment.
  3. Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information.
  4. Conduct calculations and solve problems using quantitative reasoning.

Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences
(NVC Area B, IGETC Area 4, CSU Area D and E)

  1. Evaluate and apply the principles and methodologies used by the social and behavioral sciences.
  2. Examine issues in their contemporary as well as historical settings and in a variety of cultural contexts.

Arts & Humanities
(NVC Area C, IGETC Area 3, CSU Area C)

  1. Understand and appreciate artistic expression and the role of art in culture, history, and social critique.
  2. Identify unique features among various cultures.
  3. Describe and demonstrate intercultural competency.

(CSU Area E, NVC PE/Health Education requirement)

  1. Advance individual knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  2. Set goals and develop plans to achieve them.
  3. Receive constructive criticism and respond appropriately.
Certificate Requirements

Note: Courses completed for IGETC/CSU GE Certification are the same courses in fulfillment of the respective Certificate of Achievement.

Two options: 1) a 37 unit option for CSU and 2) a 34 unit option for UC

Area 1 - English Communication

CSU: Three courses required, one from Group A, B, and C UC: Two courses required, one each from Group A and B.
Group A: English Composition, one course: Three semester units
Group B: Critical Thinking - English Composition, one course: Three semester units
Group C: Oral Communications (CSU requirement only), one course: Three semester units

Area 2 - Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning

One course: Minimum three semester units required.

Area 3 - Arts and Humanities

At least three courses, with at least one from the Arts and one from the Humanities.  Nine semester units total required.

Area 4 - Social and Behavioral Sciences

At least three courses from at least two academic disciplines nine semester units total required.

Area 5 – Physical and Biological Sciences

At least two courses, with one from the Physical Science and one from the Biological Science; at least one of the two courses must include a laboratory seven-nine semester units total required.

Language other than English (UC requirement only) Complete the equivalent of two years of high school study of the same language. Or complete a Napa Valley College course(s) that meets the required proficiency level. Or complete the Advanced Placement exam at the required proficiency level.

CSU Graduation Requirement in US History, Constitution and American Ideals (Not part of IGETC; may be completed prior to transfer). At least one course from Group 1 (US History) and one course from Group 2 (Constitution and American Ideals). Six semester units total.