Ethnic Studies: AA Degree

The Associate's of the Arts Degree in Ethnic Studies will provide students with a critical understanding of the complex and diverse experiences and contributions of major ethnic groups in the United States including African-Americans, Mexican-Americans/Latina(o)-Americans, Asian Pacific Islander-Americans, and Native-Americans.

Career Opportunities

As mentioned above, an Associate's of the Arts Degree in Ethnic Studies can prepare the students for a major in Ethnic Studies at a university. With a Bachelor's of the Arts Degree in Ethnic Studies, one can choose to obtain a teacher's credential or pursue a Master's of the Arts Degree or Doctorate in Ethnic Studies or American Studies. One can chose to teach in the areas of humanities, social sciences, and/or English, or specifically ethnic studies or work as a diversity coordinator at K-12 level, community college or university level. One could also work for corporations, nonprofit organizations, or government agencies with mission related to serving underrepresented communities. This critical knowledge can also be of benefit to those in the following professions: law, community organizing, housing development, journalism, radio/television, mental health, and medicine.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the intersection of culture, ethnicity, race, gender, class and sexual orientation within major ethnic groups in the United States.
  2. Critically assess the artistic, religious, philosophical, social, and historical influences of diverse ethnic groups on the development of society of the United States.
  3. Critically assess the interplay between gender, class, religion, ethnicity and sexuality when examining women of various ethnic backgrounds in the United States.
Degree Requirements
Required Core Courses (18 units)
HUMA-100The American Mind 13
HUMA-101The American Mind 23
HUMA-112Introduction to Africana Studies3
HUMA-113Introduction to Mex-American and Chicana(o) Studies3
HUMA-151Women's Ethnic Heritage3
HUMA-160Filipina(o)-American Heritage3
Restricted Electives: List A (3 units)
Complete one course from the following:3
Survey of Native American Literature
Survey of African American Literature
Intercultural Communication
Restricted Electives: List B (3 units)
Complete one course from the following:3
Anthropology of Sex, Gender and Sexuality
History of American Women 1600-1900
History of American Women Since 1900
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Restricted Electives: List C (3 units)
Complete one course from the following:3
Culture and Gender in Film
Survey & History of Jazz
Culture and Gender in Theater
Total Units27

To receive an Associate Degree, students must complete 60 degree applicable semester units with a grade point average of at least 2.0. Students must also complete the NVC General Education pattern to earn an Associate degree. Consultation with a Counselor is highly encouraged to ensure all requirements are met.