Vocational Nursing: Certificate of Achievement

This is a three-semester program that is designed to prepare qualified men and women to practice vocational nursing. At Napa Valley College we offer a patient-centered program operated in cooperation with community health care agencies and hospitals. The college grants a certificate of completion in Vocational Nursing after successful completion of the program, and the student is then eligible to apply to take the state examination for licensure (offered by the Board of Vocational Nursing/ BVNPT). The student who completes additional requirements may receive an Associate in Science Degree. The Vocational Nursing Program is designed for students who are Certified Nurse’s Aides (CNA) or equivalent (recent completion of one semester of an accredited psychiatric technician, respiratory care or nursing program with a "C" or better). The program is extended to twenty three months to accommodate the working student. Class meets two full days per week, year round, inclusive of summer and winter breaks usually scheduled by the college.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Use the nursing process in various settings to assist individuals and groups to promote, maintain, and restore health.
  2. Integrate ethical and legal guidelines from the Vocational Nurse Practice Act, ANA Code of Ethics and Vocational Nurse Practice Standards.
  3. Collaborate with individuals, families, groups, and the health care team using therapeutic communication. Utilize theory and evidence-based knowledge for decision making to guide nursing practice.
  4. Integrate leadership and management principles in the nursing care of individuals or groups with alterations in health.
  5. Demonstrate consistent commitment to professional growth and self development.
  6. Qualify for and pass the state Vocational Nursing licensing exam.

 Degree Requirements

Prerequisite Courses
HEOC-100Basic Anatomy & Physiology3
Total Units6
Recommended Prerequisites
It is recommended (but not required) that the following courses be completed prior to the start of the program:
ENGL-120College Compositon and Research4
HEOC-172Basic Nutrition2
MATH-93Applied Algebra for Statistics3
PSYC-125Human Development3
Total Units12
Required Courses
ENGL-120College Compositon and Research4
HEOC-172Basic Nutrition2
MATH-93Applied Algebra for Statistics3
NURS-131Vocational Nursing 113
NURS-132Vocational Nursing 214.5
NURS-233Vocational Nursing 313
PSYC-125Human Development3
Total Units52.5