Commercial Photography: Certificate of Achievement

This certificate program provides a foundation in the basics commercial photography including digital imaging, printing, lighting, industry practices, and visual literacy. Emphasis is placed on the photography techniques appropriate for those entering the industry today.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Create finished images for professional applications based on principles of effective design and communication.
  2. Translate concepts and visual experiences into images.
  3. Present finished design products for peer and professional review.
  4. Evaluate and critique photographic work and receive criticism from others.
Certificate Requirements 
Required Courses
BUSI-144Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
PHOT-120Foundations of Photography3
PHOT-150Beginning Digital Photography3
PHOT-151Intermediate Digital Photography3
PHOT-152Advanced Digital Photography3
PHOT-170Multimedia for Photographers2
PHOT-200Lighting for Photography 13
PHOT-210Lighting for Photography 23
PHOT-230Lifestyle Photography3
Total Units26