Learning Skills (YEDD)

YEDD-800 0 Units Reading

30 hours lecture; 30 hours total

This course includes instruction in pre-reading skills, word analysis, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, oral and silent reading handwriting and spelling with primary emphasis on the application of these skills to real life situations. Instruction is iridi vidualized according to the neeas and abilities of each student and includes one- to-one sessions, group activities, independent study and occasional field trips to provide opportunities to apply survival reading skills to the real world.

Not transferable

YEDD-820 0 Units Basic Math Concepts

4 hours lecture; 4 hours total

Following diagnostic testing each student is independently placed in an appropriate math unit. Once placed, the student works on an individual basis toward the goal of being able to use the math concepts to function and serve in society. Units include money management, time management and basic operational skills.

Not transferable