Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2021

Date Event
August 9th-10th, 2021 Non-Instructional Days (Campus Open)
August 11th-12th, 2021 Fall Flex Days
August 13th, 2021 First Day of Fall Semester
September 6th, 2021 Labor Day
November 12th, 2021 Veteran's Day (Observed)
November 24th, 2021 Non-Instructional Day (Campus Open)
November 25th, 2021 Thanksgiving Day
November 25th-27th, 2021 Thanksgiving Break (Campus Closed)
December 13th-18th, 2021 Finals Week
December 18th, 2021 Last Day of Fall Semester
December 20th-31st, 2021 Fall Recess
December 24th, 2021 Christmas Eve (Observed)
December 25th, 2021 Christmas Day

Spring Semester 2022

Date Event
January 1st, 2022 New Year's Day
January 3rd-14th, 2022 Non-Instructional Days (Campus Open)
January 17th, 2022 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Campus Closed)
January 18th, 2022 Spring Flex Day
January 19th, 2022 First Day of Spring Semester
February 18th, 2022 Lincoln Day (Observed-Campus Open)
February 21st, 2022 President's Day (Campus Closed)
April 11th-16th, 2022 Spring Recess (Campus Open)
April 15th, 2022 Cesar Chavez Day (Observed-Campus Closed)
May 23rd-28th, 2022 Finals Week
May 26th, 2022 Commencement Day
May 28th, 2022 Last Day of Spring Semester
May 30th, 2022 Memorial Day (Campus Closed)
May 31st, 2022 Non-Instructional Day (Campus Open)

Summer Session 2022*

Date Event
June 1st-2nd, 2022 Non-Instructional Days (Campus Open)
June 6th, 2022 Start of Summer Session
July 4th, 2022 Independence Day (Campus Closed)
July 14th, 2022 End of 6-week Summer Session
July 28th, 2022 End of 8-week Summer Session
August 1st-4th, 2022 Non-Instructional Days (Campus Open)

*Napa Valley College is closed on Fridays during the summer session.