Law Enforcement-Mental Health and Addiction: Certificate of Achievement

This certificate provides students with a concentrated study of drug addiction and mental health issues and how the criminal justice system can legally and effectively respond to emergencies related to addiction and mental health.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Describe the history, structure, and functions of the main components of the American criminal justice system. 
  2. Produce written communications that meet the standards for transfer and a criminal justice system professional.  
  3. Examine critically contemporary problems and issues within criminal justice.  
  4. Examine bias and cultural competence in the criminal justice system.  
Certificate Requirements
Required Core Courses
ADMJ-120Introduction to the Criminal Justice System3
ADMJ-122Introduction to Criminal Procedures3
ADS-135Pharmacology and the Physiological Effects of Addiction3
HSRV-120Introduction to Human Services3
HSRV-130Crisis Intervention in Human Services3
Total Units15