The Napa Valley College Anthropology Program provides students and the wider community with holistic, comparative knowledge about human biological and cultural diversity as derived from anthropological research. The Anthropology curriculum adopts the “four-field” pedagogical approach to introduce students to Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, and Archaeology, as well as elective courses to help students refine their educational goals. As such, the AA-T degree in Anthropology offers a strong behavioral sciences foundation in theory and method, is applicable to many undergraduate programs, and prepares students for a broad range of public and private sector employment.

A central goal of the Anthropology Program is the application of knowledge to solve human problems on both local and global scales of influence. To this end, students are expected to leave the program with an intellectual toolkit for exploring the environmental, biological, and cultural dimensions of human change using a solutions-oriented mindset. Anthropology faculty are committed to creating safe academic and professional environments that are engaging, challenging, inclusive spaces that inspire respectful dialogue and welcome diverse ideas in pursuit of these goals.

Career Opportunities

Anthropologists are employed in a number of different government agencies, private businesses, community organizations, museums, service organizations, and technology and media sectors. Many work for agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and the World Bank. More than half of all anthropologists do work that evaluates policies, develops educational programs, or provides health services. You will find anthropologists addressing consequences of natural disasters, equitable access to resources, social justice, and human rights. Anthropologists also contribute significantly to interdisciplinary career fields such as forensic science, human factors and design, ergonomics and engineering, international studies, and ethnic and gender studies.

There are hundreds of career and educational options for anthropology majors. The careers below represent only a portion of the opportunities available with a degree in anthropology: Educator; Researcher; Administrator; Forensic Scientist; Primatologist; Archaeologist; Cultural Anthropologist; Community Organizer; International Business; Medical Research; Park Ranger; Public Health Administration; Disaster Relief; Genetic Counseling; Social Services Employment; Non-Profit Administration; Political Scientist; Government Employment; Linguist; Program Evaluator; Ethnobotanist; Museum/Gallery Curator; Lawyer; Research Manager; Resource Development Professional; Diplomat; Historian/Genealogist; Cultural Resource Manager; Documentary Filmmaker.

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Arts and Humanities
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Robert Van Der Velde
Senior Dean, Arts and Sciences
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Program Coordinator

Jessica V. Amato, Ph.D.
Professor, Anthropology
2277 Napa Vallejo Highway, 94558, Napa, CA
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