Entrepreneurship: Certificate of Achievement

This Entrepreneurship Certificate will consist of a minimum of 12 units and is expected to be offered with many of Napa Valley College’s degree programs. The certificate will include two entrepreneurial courses that will be combined with classes from a degree program. For example, the college has several Viticulture and Winery Technology Certificates and Degrees. Students with a Viticulture Degree could add our two entrepreneurial classes and be ready to start their own vineyard or winery. So our Entrepreneurial Certificate would require our two entrepreneurial classes and two of the viticulture degree classes for a minimum of 12 units. Similar combinations of classes would be set up with our Business, Hospitality, Health Occupations, Digital Design and other degree programs.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Develop a business plan.
Certificate Requirements
Required Core Courses (6 units)
BUSI-101Business Planning I3
BUSI-102Business Planning II3
Required Electives (6-8 units)
Select 2 courses from one of the following areas:6-8
Management and Business
Introduction to Business
Principles of Management
Business & Commerce
Financial Accounting
Principles of Microeconomics
General Viticulture
General Viticulture
Vineyard Management
Fundamentals of Enology
Fundamentals of Enology
Winery Management
Wine Marketing/Sales
Wine Marketing
Wines of the World
Wines of California
Sensory Evaluation of Wine
Introduction to Hospitality Management
Hospitality Law
Digital Arts
Introduction to Digital Art
Introduction to Digital Imaging
Total Units12-14