Child and Family Studies-Master Teacher Specialization: Local Certificate

Four (4) Specialization Certificates are offered to meet the specialization requirement for the Master Teacher Permit. Students choose one (1) of the four (4), six unit course combinations:

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. ​Infant-Toddler Specialization:  Ability to articulate the main developmental needs of infants and toddlers, and identify appropriate curriculum and environmental aspects.
  2. Creativity Specialization: Ability to articulate developmental appropriate creative experiences for children to learn about differences in people.
  3. Diversity Specialization: Ability to identify classroom techniques that create environments for children to learn about differences in people.
  4. Working with Families Specialization: Ability to articulate key aspects of parenting and how teachers can support families.
Certificate Requirements 
Infant and Toddler 
Required Courses (6 units)
CFS-150Infant and Toddler Development3
CFS-151Care and Education for Infants and Toddlers3
Total Units6
Required Courses (6 units)
CFS-130The Creative Process in Young Children3
CFS-170Studying the Reggio Emilia Approach3
Total Units6
Required Courses (6 units)
CFS-180The Anthropology of Childhood3
CFS-184Teaching Children in a Diverse Society3
Total Units6
Working with Families
Required Courses (6 units)
CFS-161Working With Families3
Total Units6