Counseling is a broad area that provides guidance and a framework to students who are planning to earn certificates, associate degrees, and transfer to four year universities.  Counseling Services provide a venue for students to assess their life priorities, research current occupational and academic information, and receive individualized support in defining and achieving their career and educational goals. Our team advises Napa Valley College students at various stages of their career planning process, including choosing a major, deciding on a future career path, and preparing to enter the world of work. Counselors are available to assist students with a variety of degree and certificate options available at Napa Valley College, while also guiding students through various general education requirements and exploring transfer pathways for specific universities and majors. Counselors provide support for students’ personal wellbeing and academic success.

Career Opportunities

Students are encouraged to contact the Napa Valley College Counseling Office to discuss various academic program options and career pathways offered at Napa Valley College. The Counseling Department houses the University Preparation in a Specific Major Associate of Art degree and two certificate programs, the IGETC Certificate of Achievement and the CSU GE Certificate of Achievement

Contact Information


Building 1300
Phone: (707) 256-7220


Dr. Alejandro Guerrero
Interim Senior Dean, Counseling Services and Student Success
2277 Napa Vallejo Highway, 94558, Napa, CA
Phone: (707) 256-7317