ESL: Low-Intermediate Academic (Noncredit): Certificate of Competency

The Low-Intermediate Academic ESL Certificate Program provides an integrated approach to reading, writing and speaking for high-intermediate English language learners (ELLs) as a pathway in preparation for transfer-level English in order to pursue other degrees and certificates at CCCs. This program provides individuals with knowledge and essential college level workplace skills to engage in critical reading, writing, and thinking skills as well as improve their vocabulary, communication and study skills. 

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Demonstrate ability to evaluate, comprehend and produce written and spoken English in a variety of contexts approaching ESL college-level communication.
  2. Compose well-developed and organized pre-college level compositions.
  3. Produce spoken English with increasing accuracy and fluency using a wide range of academic vocabulary, language functions, and sentence structures.
Certificate Requirements
Required Courses
ESLNC-862ESL Communication 10
ESLNC-865ESL Reading, Writing and Grammar 20
Total Units0