Human Services: AS Degree

The Human Services Program is designed to teach students entry level helping skills to work in the high demand field of Human Services. Students will gain knowledge of human service delivery systems; communication skills for working with individuals, groups and diverse populations; case management techniques; and will have field experiences in one or more human service agencies.

Career Opportunities

Case Aides; Community Organization Workers; Developmental Disability Assistants; Eligibility Workers; Employment Interviewers; Interviewing Clerks; Human Services Assistants; Senior Citizen Aides; Social Services Aides; Social Work Assistants; Welfare Eligibility Workers; Workforce Development Workers.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Utilize effective communication styles to assess and assist clients from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds in becoming self-sufficient.
  2. Advocate and use case management strategies that assist clients in overcoming challenges and identifying support systems throughout the community.
  3. Engage in ethical and legal practices including adherence to agency, state, and federal policies and procedures.
  4. Identify areas for self-improvement, and pursue necessary education and/or training resources for professional development.
Degree Requirements
Required Courses
HSRV-120Introduction to Human Services3
HSRV-122Helping Skills in Human Services3
HSRV-124Working With Diverse Populations3
HSRV-126Case Management in Human Services3
HSRV-130Crisis Intervention in Human Services3
HSRV-190Human Services Field Internship 13
Total Units18


  1. The following courses are recommended electives for the degree; ADS-100, ADS-120, ADS-125, ADS-132, ADS-134, ADS-193, ADS-194, ANTH-120, HELH-106, HEOC-100, HEOC-172, HSRV-131, ETHS-112, ETHS-113, ETHS-160 HUMA-174, LGBT-120, PSYC-120, PSYC-123, PSYC-124, PSYC-125, PSYC-126, PSYC-128, PSYC-135, PSYC-175, SPAN-110, SPAN-111, SPAN-120, SPCOM-120, SPCOM-124, SPCOM-126, SPCOM-130.
  2. ADS-100, ADS-120 and HSRV-131 are highly recommended courses for the degree.

To receive an Associate Degree, students must complete 60 degree applicable semester units with a grade point average of at least 2.0. Students must also complete the NVC General Education pattern to earn an Associate degree. Consultation with a Counselor is highly encouraged to ensure all requirements are met.