LGBT Studies: Certificate of Achievement

This certificate provides students with a concentrated study of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues related to the family, education, and the community. Students will explore a wide range of topics related to how people identify their sexuality and gender and how those identities are impacted and influenced in the family, in schools, and throughout the community. Completion of this certificate can prepare students for work in health occupations, criminal justice, human services, education, child development, and hospitality. It can also prepare students for transfer to another institution offering a degree in LGBT Studies. To fulfill requirements for this certificate, students must complete the required courses and electives as outlined below.

Program Learning Outcome
  1. Explain the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity and define the terms people use to identify their sexual orientation and gender identity.
  2. Identify the people and events that have influenced LGBT history and explain how they shaped the views of LGBT people in the family, education, and community.
  3. Explain how racial, cultural, and religious identities intersect with sexual orientation and gender identity within families, education, and the community.
  4.  Discuss current issues faced by sexual orientation and gender non-conforming minorities in the family, education and community.
Certificate Requirements 
Required Core Courses (18 units)
LGBT-120Introduction to Lgbt Studies in the Family, Education and Community3
LGBT-121LGBT Communities, Family & Education in the 21st Century3
LGBT-122Transgender Identities and Issues3
LGBT-123AIDS in the LGBT Community and Beyond3
PSYC-135Human Sexuality3
SOCI-130Introduction to Queer Studies3
Required Electives
Complete 3 units from the following:3
Independent Study In LGBT Education
The Child, Family and Community
Literature and Sexuality
Working With Diverse Populations
Human Development
Comparative Religions
Total Units21