Psychiatric Technician-Fast Track: Certificate of Achievement

The Psychiatric Technician Fast-Track program is an apprenticeship program that is administered at Napa State Hospital.  Students in this program are registered as students at Napa Valley College but all coursework is completed at Napa State Hospital and the students work as apprentices at Napa State Hospital.  Admission to this program is not administered or processed by the college; students must apply via the Department of State Hospitals.  This program is a joint program with the Department of State Hospitals, the Joint Apprenticeship Committee of California, and Napa Valley College.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Act ethically and respect the parameters of client privacy and confidentiality.
  2. Accurately document all clinical assessments and interventions in a timely manner, prioritizing patient care while delivering age appropriate services.
  3. Effectively participate in a therapeutic environment and communicate professionally.
Certificate Requirements
Required Courses (50 units)
PTEC-160Nursing Science18
PTEC-161Developmental Disabilities15.5
PTEC-162Mental Disabilities17
Total Units50.5