Wine Marketing and Sales: Certificate of Achievement

The programs of the Viticulture and Winery Technology department are designed to prepare students for careers in the North Coast wine industry. The one-year Certificate and two-year Associate of Science options provide students with the knowledge and skills essential for success. The Certificate in Viticulture and Winery Technology consists of production-oriented courses in viticulture and winemaking. The Certificate in Wine Marketing and Sales is a mix of viticulture, winemaking and business courses. Certificate programs may be modified to meet the career goals of the individual student. The typical student will be able to earn a Certificate in one to two years. Students who complete the Associate of Science in Viticulture and Winery Technology degree specialize in either Viticulture, Winemaking or Wine Marketing and Sales. The Associate of Science degree includes general education courses, basic science courses and core courses in the degree option. The typical student will be able to earn an Associate of Science degree in two to three years.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. (Wine Marketing and Sales) – Demonstrate an advanced understanding of wine marketing, sales, sensory evaluation, and the broader context of wine as a global business.
  2. (Professionalism) – Display a basic range of professional habits and skills to meet standards of the wine industry.
Certificate Requirements
Required Courses
VWT-130General Viticulture3
VWT-136Wines of the World3
VWT-137Wines of California3
VWT-140Cultural Appreciation of Wine3
VWT-173Sensory Evaluation of Wine3
VWT-180Fundamentals of Enology3
VWT-241Wine Marketing3
Total Units21