ESL Noncredit (ABEN)

ABEN-750 0 Units English as a Second Language

This course is designed for students whose primary language is not English. The emphasis will be on understanding English both in conversation and writing.

Not transferable

ABEN-753 0 Units ESL for Hospitality Workers

64 hours integrated lab; 64 hours total

This course is designed for hospitality employees interested in improving basic English skills in the workforce environment. The course will help prepare workers for entry-level jobs and other related positions. The emphasis will be on conversational skills; however, grammar and vocabulary development will also be addressed.

Not transferable

ABEN-755 0 Units Preparation for College ESL

48-64 hours lecture; 48-64 hours total

This course is designed for non-English-speaking students interested in taking credit ESL classes. The emphasis is on basic grammar and vocabulary and academic skills needed to succeed in a college environment. Literacy in native language is recommended.

Not transferable