Geology (GEOL)

GEOL-110 3 Units Physical Geology

54 hours lecture; 54 hours total

Uses of geology in society; the nature of rocks and minerals; the dynamic nature of our planet is explored, including mountain building processes, volcanoes, faulting; plate tectonics; earthquakes; geologic time and surface land forming processes.

Transfers to both UC/CSU

GEOL-111 1 Unit Physical Geology Laboratory

54 hours lab; 54 hours total

Prerequisites or Corequisites: Previous completion of or oncurrent enrollment in GEOL-110.

This is a laboratory course to supplement Geology 110. The course investigates minerals and rocks and includes the use of topographic maps and profiles as well as three-dimensional aerial photographs in analyzing landforms and geologic structures. The interpretation of geologic maps, cross sections and exercises on geologic processes are all included.

Transfers to both UC/CSU

GEOL-199 1-3 Units Independent Studies in Geology

54-162 hours lab; 54-162 hours total

Prerequisite: Completion of one college level geology course and submission of a written proposal to be reviewed by two regular science/engineering faculty members.

An opportunity to study any area of Geology of special interest to the student. The matieral may include continuation of knowledge and projects begun in other Geology courses or geological studies not normally included in formal course work.

Transfers to CSU only