Dance: AA Degree

This degree provides a comprehensive foundation in Dance. The Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Dance will provide knowledge and skills that can be applied to a variety of educational and vocational pathways.

Career Opportunities

Preparing students for CSU/UC, independent, and/or out-of-state four year institutions with Dance programs. Preparation for performance, pedagogy, choreography, or transfer.

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Perform dance technique from at least three genres.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the terminology of dance genres.
  3. Discuss the historical or cultural contribution of dance for society and self.
  4. Demonstrate understanding of basic bio-mechanics as applied to dance technique.
Degree Requirements 
Required Core Courses (10-11.5 units)
DANS-134Ballet Level I1-1.5
or DANS-134B Ballet II
DANS-136Jazz Dance I1-1.5
or DANS-136B Jazz Dance II
or DANS-130 Broadway Dance
DANS-138Modern Dance Level I1-1.5
or DANS-138B Modern Dance II
or DANS-129 Contemporary Dance
DANS-140Dance Production1
or DANS-140C Repertory Dance Company
DANS-141Dance Production - B1
DANS-160Dance Appreciation3
or DANS-170 Dance History
Required Electives: List A
Complete 1-2 units from the following courses:1-2
Salsa and Latin Social Dance I
Ballet Teaching Assistant
Street Jazz (Beginning Hip Hop)
Street Jazz (Hip Hop) Level 2
Jazz Dance Teaching Assistant
Tap Dance Teaching Assistant
Modern Dance Teaching Assistant
Dance Independent Study
Required Electives: List B
Complete 3 units from the following courses:3
Any course not already used from List A
Dance Appreciation
Dance History
Introduction to Kinesiology
Acting I
Introduction to Stage Costume
Rehearsal and Performance: Musical
Required Electives: List C
Complete 4-5 units from the following courses:4-5
Muscle and Tension Release Techniques
Muscle and Tension Release Techniques
World Dance Forms
Salsa & Latin Social Dance II
Introduction to Dance
Barre Fitness
Tap Dance 1
Tap Dance 2
Mat Pilates
Mat Pilates
Intermediate Pilates
Intermediate Pilates
Total Units18-21.5

To receive an Associate Degree, students must complete 60 degree applicable semester units with a grade point average of at least 2.0. Students must also complete the NVC General Education pattern to earn an Associate degree. Consultation with a Counselor is highly encouraged to ensure all requirements are met.